Adventures Arriving

First we arrived in Charles’s de Gaulle airport in France and had to navigate all through the airport – which was super hard. There were all kinds of signs telling us to take this metro and go down these stairs and walk through this hallway and go through this security line and finally we thought we found the gate. And no one was there! After slightly panicking, we decided to go check another sign and found that the gate we thought was for our flight was actually for a different flight. And trying to leave, we found that we were trapped by sliding glass doors that we had entered. For some reason there was no way out once you had gone in! Luckily, there was a man who was kind enough to trigger the door from the other side so that we could get out. Finally, we found out what gate we were at and waited for it to board. As a side note, as we were trying to find our gate, we were once again going up some escalator where there was a little girl walking down the up escalator. After we said something to her in English and made it to the top, a man who we assumed was her father, started speaking to us in French. We gave him a strange look and he asked “Parle vous France?” to which we replied no, obviously, and he responded with, “Oh, I am sorry! I thought you were French!” It was pretty awesome. I’m not sure why he thought we were French because I’m sure we certainly didn’t look like it – I was wearing my school backpack on my chest and my Osprey pack on my back and we’re all lugging around bags of stuff. Either way, it made us feel pretty awesome.

Our flight into Florence was pretty scary. The flight to the airport was fine; it was the landing that made us question if the pilot knew what he was doing. It felt like he was angling the plane down pretty severely and we seemed really wobbly coming in. But we made it and were safe and now have a good story to tell.

Afterwards, we decided to walk around the city getting to know the streets and looking for wifi. That night we went to this place called the Ristorante Perseus which is across the street and up a ways from our hotel. We weren’t really that hungry and were pretty tired because of jet lag and all we really wanted was a salad in one form or another. So Laura ordered panzanella, I ordered a faro salad with all kinds of yummy stuff in it, and Amy ordered an insalata di spinaci (or something like that). When all our food came, Laura and my dishes looked delicious! And it turns out that Amy had actually ordered a plate of cooked spinach. It was really funny and we all got a good laugh out of it and shared each others dishes.

This is Italy!