Invasion of the CSU

We slept in super late (9:30 am) and then narrowly made breakfast (which ends at 9:45). We then proceeded embark on an epic journey to find a BNL Bankomat for me to finally withdraw some cash! After being side tracked at a pizzeria temporarily, we wandered around town again. We also visited the Leather school inside the Santa Croce church monastery, which made me feel nostalgic about my trip with mom in 2009.

We then came back and took a nap that lasted way too long, which made it really difficult to sleep that night. We then went to dinner and met with the other CSU students both from SLO and from other CSU campuses.  We all decided to at least go on a walk around town together at night, despite most people being really tired. The group got separated and only half of us were left so we hung out at the Piazza Santa Croce and just relaxed while some people hunted for wine and then later returned and drank it with us in the piazza. We then made our way to the Duomo for some gelato before heading back home.