Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Corri la Vita

Well I still feel pretty crummy today. The throat thing has definitely turned into a nose thing now. I was up at 5 this morning trying to get the congestion to go away… Continue reading


Well I got twelve hours of sleep last night. That’s insane. I needed it though since I wasn’t feeling well. My throat is feeling much better, but now it seems to have moved… Continue reading

A Month! and Sickness

Well that nagging sore throat from yesterday definitely turned into something.  I’ve had a raging sore throat all day today.  I think it made me royally screw up on my Italian test today… Continue reading

She Touched the “Butt”

So after school today, we went home for lunch and a nap. I have a slightly sore throat and I really hope I’m not getting sick. Something has been going around school and… Continue reading

Statue Sketching

So school is more of the same old same old. Just be learning more and more Italian! Some of the oddities of this language are incredibly strange. It’s hard to explain, but I’m… Continue reading

Forza Fiorentina! Alé! Alé! Viola!

So school was the same old same old today. But that’s ok. I guess it means that I’m learning more and more Italian! My phone finally reactivated today since I put more money… Continue reading

Open House Brochure

So today mainly consisted of working on the brochure for the school’s open house. It took a lot longer than expected because of all the little edits we had to do and adding… Continue reading

The Onions of the Caparra

Before Palazzo Strozzi was built, the adjacent piazza was called “Piazza delle Cipolle” (Piazza of the Onions).  This housed the fruit and vegetable marget where onions wer the main produce, together with watermelons,… Continue reading

Adventures in Pisa

We woke up today determined to made it to Pisa. We got ready, rounded up our friends and set out. We decided to stop and get lunch before we got to Pisa because… Continue reading

SUPER Lazy Day

Well, I slept in until noon.  This is so unlike me.  I think it’s because our room is so dark.  There is literally hardly any light that gets in from outside with our… Continue reading