Apartment Discovery

This morning started off sleeping in. Late. So late, in fact, that we missed breakfast. Oops! Amy and I checked our email to see if anyone had emailed us back about the apartments we had asked about. No one did. But we called this guy Salvatore to set up an appointment to see his apartment. We then went looking for a caffé bar. Amy got a chocolate filled croissant and I got a little orange pastry thing with a caffé latte – which was delicious! We went back to the hotel and then just hung out (until 2:30) compulsively checking our email to see if anyone had made any new offers. But there were none. We sat inside writing in our journal as it poured rain outside and were quite happy.

Around 2:30 we went to go see the apartment. We practically sprinted there and ended up being about 10 minutes late. Oops! The apartment had a really nice quiet courtyard that was supposedly designed by Michaelangelo and had a lift (elevator) which will be really handy when we move all our luggage into the apartment. We then went up a really cool spiral staircase up to the room. Inside there was a cute little living room with a nice kitchen table. The kitchen was really small but functional; and the same with the bathroom, but the bathroom was actually even bigger than the one in our hotel. The bedroom was really nice and spacious with a beautiful fresco on the ceiling. We want to repaint this strangely red wall and hang a curtain to give us a little more privacy between the beds and maybe get some different slip covers for the couch and chairs. There’s also a little lofted chair/hang out area above the kitchen, which will be really great to hang out in when its cold out since all the heat will rise. The best part is that it is literally only about 100 feet away from Santa Croce. We can see it from the (massive) front door on the street.

After getting some of the details from the lady who manages it, we set out to find a caffé for a celebratory latte. We found this place called Meykadeh which gives students coffee half off. So I got a latte for .60€! It was such a great place to hang out and study; we are going to have to go there a lot. They even have a loyalty card so that when you’ve bought 6 coffees you get either a 5% discount off of coffee and or a book!

We then met up with Laura and she took us to her apartment on Via de Pepi. It was on the top story (tons of smelly stairs) of the building and inside had lots of light and a nice kitchen. Amy loved it because you could get onto the roof from the windows. After some deliberation and awkward moments, Laura was able to get a room with not one but two windows! There are some leaks from the windows and the ground, so hopefully those get fixed. I wouldn’t want to live there but whatever floats your boat.

We then found this cartoleria that had beautiful notebooks and fountain pen sets and wax seals. They also had nice posters and hand painted cards/stationary and maps. I got Ashley a vintage style postcard; I thought she would enjoy that. Everyone likes getting stuff in the mail. I’ll have to eventually send everyone a postcard or note of some type.

On the way home we decided to stop by the Wind store across the street from the hotel. Unfortunately they were closed. Getting a cell phone will just have to wait until Monday.

Tomorrow we’re going to Ikea after Laura moves some stuff into her apartment! Super excited because I’ve never been to Ikea and I think it might be a super awesome mega Ikea!