The Ikea-n Zoo

Today consisted of sleeping in super late (again) and once again missed breakfast. So brunch consisted of a croissant and a latte. Yum! Amy and I hung out in the hotel until around 2:00 when we jetted off to the train station to catch the free Ikea shuttle. The most amazing thing happened when we got to the bus stops/train station. We didn’t really know where this shuttle would be or what it would look like. So I went up to this booth that an official looking man was in. I said, “Scusi, dov’è (eh (for emphasis!)) il autobus Ikea?” And he responded in Italian and gestured down the street. I said grazie and we were on our way! I was pretty much ecstatic. We were going to meet Laura at the bus stop after she had moved into her apartment, but unfortunately she and her roommates were a little late so we didn’t make that bus. I think it turned out ok though because that bus was so incredibly packed with people that we would have literally been sardines for the next 20 minutes. Instead we looked around for something to eat but everything was either too expensive or too touristy. So we settled with McDonald’s. They had this nifty self ordering machine where you put in what you wanted on the screen and then swiped your card and got a receipt to go get your order. I was number thirty and was standing around waiting for our food when the guy behind the counter says, “trenta!” I haven’t really learned numbers yet but it sounded kind of like three, which is tre, so I assumed that was me, which it was. The guy asked me for my firma (signature) and then apparently assumed that I spoke Italian and said something to which I gave him a strange scared look. He said, “Parla inglese?” (do you speak English) and I nodded and all he was asking was if I wanted the soft-serve cone now or later. I guess people think I’m Italian. I’m ok with that.

Around 3:30 the next Ikea shuttle came and we were all able to get a seat without being squished. We made it to the Ikea and it was a zoo. There was a mad rush out of the bus and the people who wanted to get on were elbowing and nearly trampling the people getting off. I’ve never been to an Ikea and this may not have been the best experience, but I still thought it was really cool. It’s awesome how cheap everything is and how it still looks pretty good; I’m not sure how well it holds up though but we’ll see. If I were to describe it, it would be a Target on steroids plus Costco. It was complete with display rooms and a warehouse of furniture and stuff upon stuff upon stuff. We all came to the general consensus that if we ever went back to this Ikea again, one we wouldn’t go on a Sunday and would instead go on a weekday, and two, we weren’t going to take the shuttle again. We had to push and shove our way onto the bus and I almost gave my lip a paper cut when the bag smashed into my face. But we made it once again!

Even though we didn’t do much today it still felt like it lasted forever. 20 minute walk to the bus, hour wait for the next bus, 20 minute bus ride to Ikea, something like 3 hours in the Ikea-n zoo, 45 minute wait for the bus back to town, 20 minute ride back to town, and another 30 minute walk back to the hotel carrying all our stuff. We were exhausted to say the least, and starving. I’m secretly glad that nothing is open on Sundays because we can just hang out and relax for once. This Sunday (night) really is a day of rest. Thank goodness!

This is Italy!