Cash for Keys

Today was the first day of our Italian classes! And was therefore our first day of REAL school and not just general meetings. Although, we did have to do a little bit of the paperwork stuff because we have to fill out some forms for our “codice fiscale” and our “permesso di soggiorno,” which are basically like a social security number and a green card. It was pretty confusing because our Italian professor says that we will try to only speak Italian in that classroom (which is fine for the sake of learning Italian), but when you’re trying to fill out a form that you can’t make any mistakes on and you have almost no idea what the professor is saying because they are speaking Italian, it can get a little frustrating. We were able to fill out the form, hopefully correctly, and moved on to our abc’s! Maybe it’s because I have a little bit of a Spanish experience, but I really didn’t think it was that hard learning how to say things. It’s really just memorizing the phonetic rules and applying them by sounding the word out. Some words are harder than others but I assume that’s normal with any language, including English. And practice always makes perfect. Being in Italy also helps too, immersion forces you to learn what you need to know to get by with everyday life. Anyway (allora), a lot of the words aren’t very difficult to pronounce especially if you’ve been taught the rules. And this one girl in the class couldn’t pronounce anything. The teacher was giving her the sound of the word that she couldn’t pronounce and the girl just kept doing it the wrong way; almost like she was incapable of pronouncing it correctly. Kinda sad that she couldn’t fix her mistake, but at the same time, is it really THAT hard? And other people too, she would say so many times things like “ll” doesn’t sound like “y” like in Spanish. Or the “g” isn’t hard it’s soft sounding. I guess some people just don’t get it. I am excited to be able to begin to communicate in Italian though, and hopefully I catch on quickly!

After class we got some lunch with friends and did some shopping in the San Lorenzo Market and then made our way back to the hotel. Amy and I packed up most of our stuff to move into our apartment and called a cab to take us there. We met the land lady and she showed us things like where the meters are and turned on the hot water and lights etc. and finally handed over the keys after we handed over a wad of cash. We then celebrated around the apartment and opened the windows, went up to the loft area, opened all the cabinets, turned on all the lights, and lay on the bed staring at the fresco on the ceiling. It should be a lot of fun living in there. Hopefully it doesn’t get too cold; the ceilings are really high and because physics tells us so, hot air rises. So hopefully all the hot air doesn’t get wasted at the top.

Some other random thoughts I’ve had recently are about how much I love the purse I bought for this trip. It fits everything I need, like: papers, a notebook, an umbrella, my phone and wallet, pen/pencil, copy of passport, my camera, and sometimes a scarf if I need it. Sometimes it’s heavier than I’d like, but I just adjust it on my shoulder until it’s more comfortable.

I’ve also decided that I need to take more pictures. Although I’ve enjoyed not having to feel rushed to take pictures and just soaking in the scenery for once, I miss being able to capture spontaneous moments sometimes. So since I’ve made it a week without taking hardly any pictures, it’s time to change that and start snapping away!

I am also really glad that I brought along my watch on this trip. It was something that I literally grabbed at the last minute and stashed in my bag moments before zipping it up. I like just looking at a watch for the time rather than whipping out my phone, even though that’s ok too. I think the watch is faster to check anyways and you can secretly watch the time without looking like you’re paranoid about your phone.

I also need to find a notebook for my Italian class. All I want is a small spiral bound lined notebook. Bigger than a pocket size but smaller than a full size notebook. We’ve looked all over town and it’s like they don’t exist here. Is it really so much to ask for?