Apartment Christening (sort of but not really)

We finally stayed in our apartment for a full night! It was great! We are starting to formulate a list of things we need to do and get for the place because some things are rather scarce. The kitchen is probably the biggest obstacle. It is so small that there seems to be literally no place to store even basic kitchen necessities like spices and stuff. We were able to pick up some breakfast items and keep them in the little refrigerator. Another problem we ran into was the shower curtain is about 4-6 inches too short so water splashes out of it onto the floor and gets everything super wet. The sheets and linens are pretty old too and I think I’ll probably pick up a new set of sheets because the ones in the closet were a little gross (stained and mismatched). Hopefully we can get to Ikea soon so that we can pick up the last few things that we need.

Italian class has been going well and I feel like I’m learning more every day! The only problem I have is feeling so sleepy in the morning. I’ve been getting about 8 hours of sleep and during the first hour and a half of class I feel like passing out because I’m so tired. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. Right now I think it’s just sensory and information overload.

After class I made extra copies of documents that we need to submit for our permisso di soggiorno and then a group of us headed down to a panino place called “Il Pizzicagnolo.” It’s run by (and sandwiches made by) a large semi-toothless man who makes you a panino to order (or rather, makes you whatever he feels like making). They are, however, very delicious! One sandwich and a drink cost me only 5 euro and kept me full all day and night (I only had a salad for dinner because I was so full). You have to be careful though what you end up eating, because one kid, who the large man is particularly fond of, got what the guy made him and it was so salty that he couldn’t finish it and was maybe going to go into salt shock. But nonetheless, it was very yummy and cheap.

We then came home and did our Italian homework and then I felt really tired. But instead of taking a nap, I finished unpacking and setting my stuff up around the apartment. I was pretty proud of myself for not giving in to a nap and being productive instead.