Day of Free Events

Slept in today and it felt really nice since we were up late the night before. It’s really strange though, no matter how much sleep you get here, you’re always tired. And yes, I know that you can sleep too much, but I’ve tried it both ways and I’m still ready for a nap around 3. Anyways, we then headed off for a panino and then realized that in order to make the free admission to the Duomo terraces, we had to be there in like 5 minutes. So we commenced on a brisk walk in that general direction. When we got there, they were telling some other people that it was closing and that no other people would be allowed. So we went to a bench to call and tell Laura that the terraces were closed, when all of the sudden, we see some people running towards the entrance to get in at the last minute. We followed suit, but were once again too late.

Before heading to the Tower, though, we stopped and tried to catch a glimpse inside the Santa Maria del Fiore and lo and behold, there was Andrea Bocelli practicing for the free concert he was performing at that night in said place. It was hard to see and even harder to hear. But what little we did sense, was really awesome.

We ended up climbing Giotto’s tower, which is equally as awesome. I haven’t done the Duomo climb before, but the view of the Duomo from Giotto’s tower is unbeatable. The tower climb was just as scary as I remember it before. With it being free for the day too, there were lots of people (who weren’t helping when it came to skinny-ing up on the stairs); and when we were going up, it was so crowded and dark (from people blocking the lights) there was a few times where I had to crawl up the stairs with my hands. But the claustrophobia and sweat are always worth the reward at the top and we were lucky enough to have it easy on the way down in terms of crowdedness.
We then made our way to get some much deserved gelato from a fantastic place called something I don’t remember. I had the passion fruit flavor and it was amazing. They had covers over their gelato and that’s always a good sign.

The group parted ways and Amy and I made our way back over to the Duomo to go to the museum and take advantage of its free admission. It was surprisingly awesome for a museum. There were really neat watercolors of the facade and even the original model of the Duomo presented by Brunelleschi. The bronze Baptistry doors were inside too and were equally spectacular. Having just seen the Baptistry doors, we then went to the Baptistry for free too! It was so beautiful inside, the ceiling was glowing with gold mosaic. Definitely worth the price of admission (which was free!).

Feeling rather exhausted, we decided to go home and rest and came upon the final free event of the day, which was the sculpture workshop dating back to Brunelleschi’s time. It was short and sweet as it was very small, but still had working artisans inside sculpting replicas for the Duomo. It was nice that it was on the way and was so fast to see. I was glad that we found it at the last minute and went through.

Amy and I treated ourselves that night to a delicious dinner (with wine) at the Trattoria I’cchè C’è C’è (which means what there is, there is). It was nice to have an affordable 3 course meal of hearty food and a great way to end the day.

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Day of Free Events, a set on Flickr.

A day of sightseeing around the city taking advantage of free admission to Giotto’s Tower, the Duomo Museum, and the Duomo Workshop