An Uneventful Monday

Well today was a typical Monday. We went to school as usual and then ran errand afterwards. We found a great hardware store near San Ambrogio where we can buy lots of household type things for a good price. We then made our way to the 99¢ store to get a pencil bag for our art class and a folder for our Italian class handouts. The 99¢ store is hilarious (like most 99¢ stores). It’s funny how cheesy all the stuff inside is and how geared it is towards small children. It’s always fun to go inside and get a great deal on something cheap and also have a good laugh at what’s inside.

Amy and I then went home to catch up on more blog and photo stuff and do our Italian homework. We eventually went over to Laura’s apartment and enjoyed her meal of Pasta Faggiole; which is pasta and beans with cheese. It sounds a little strange but it was super easy and yummy. We shared pasta, wine, and bread and then headed out for gelato. A night is never complete without gelato.