Late Nights, Dread-locked Belgians, and a Crazy “French” Girl

Went to school today and finally made dinner in our own apartment! It was pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes and some pasta sauce with added oregano. It was delicious! We then went to look for a gelateria that our Italian teacher had mentioned in class. She said something about whipped cream so we went looking in the general direction she described, but there were too many gelaterie for us to know what exactly she was talking about. We then stumbled upon a place that served “Mexican” food. Since Laura was craving nachos, we stopped to buy some and sipped on sangria. Not really my favorite, but what is?

When we were finished we headed back to Santa Croce and sat on the steps for a while before leaving to take Laura back to her place. As we were leaving, we thought we heard someone call our names. We kept walking (as is the custom to not get unwanted attention). And finally, a classmate runs up from behinds us to greet us and it turns out that it was he who was calling at us. He introduced us to his (smelly) Belgian friends (with crazy dreadlocks) that he was hanging out with that he had met the night before. After we were all introduced and were talking, he told us about this one particular girl that was palling around with them that they had also met the night before. This particular girl was from the US and had spent the previous two months in France and seemed to be almost fluent in the language without having any schooling or formalized lessons. She even had a French accent. So it turns out that our friend had met this girl when she had approached them in the Piazza del Duomo because she was being followed by an Italian guy and she realized that they spoke English. She was able to get rid of the Italian guy THAT night, but guess who was there the night we were there? And guess who she went up to and was “flirting” or “socializing” with? This girl just went up to anyone on the steps and suggestively starts talking with them. So the guy that was following her the previous night, comes up to one of the Belgian guys that we were talking with and started yelling and pushing him. All I could make out in Italian were some swear words and that he was telling the Belgian that the girl was HIS girlfriend and not the Belgian’s. The Belgian guy didn’t understand anything the Italian was saying and just gestured and said things like “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” It was kind of getting scary when another Italian guy that was sitting behind us that was older came and got the angry Italian guy to leave and calm down. And that was over. I just couldn’t believe this girl. She was sending all the wrong signals to Italian guys everywhere. Like didn’t she know that she can’t do that here, or frankly anywhere? If she acted the way she did in the United States, the same thing probably would have happened because guys would see it as an open invitation. She was basically acting like a prostitute and wondering why people were acting that way towards her. When the conflict was resolved, we told her that she should be more careful and not act that way towards guys. Her reply: that she had handled the guys in France so she could do it here too. This girl is asking for it. I have no idea what happened to her or what will happen to her, but I have a feeling that she will end up being a statistic.

The night went on and people continued to drink beer until two in the morning. I didn’t participate because I just don’t really like beer and these were people I didn’t really know. We finally went home and to bed around 2:30 am, on a school night, which sucked the next morning.