Experimental Class

So today we found out that we were in an experimental Italian class where they were implementing elements from intermediate Italian so that maybe we would learn more faster. Figures that I’d be in the “experimental” class, because that always seems to happen. However, we might learn more Italian faster! So that seems cool and makes it worth it.

After class, we went to the art supply store to get supplies for our figure drawing class. I got all sorts of things like different kinds of paper, pencils, paint brushes, a sketchbook, charcoal, paint pallet, ink, tape, etc. Much like office supplies and I like those. The store had a great student discount that was about 40-50% off the total price. I think something got a little mixed up though because Amy didn’t buy nearly as much stuff as I did and paid only two euro less. It didn’t make any sense. Hopefully they erred on my part so that they didn’t overcharge Amy for her things. Unfortunately, they didn’t give us a receipt and all the calculations were tabulated by hand and punched into a calculator (most likely the reason why there was probably an error).

We made it home and did our homework and worked on our photos. We’re always in a state of “catch-up.” We’ve had problems with our shower too. It takes at least 15 minutes to heat up and sometimes it never does at all. I’m not paying for water if it’s going to take that long. Hopefully we can get it fixed. And soon!