Pasta + Pesto + Wine + Avatar

The little leemur looking thing is my favorite…He’s so cute!

We had our second PLP test today! I felt really good about it so we’ll see what happens. Our internet hasn’t really been working. It always logs us off and we can’t even get on the internet. It’s pretty frustrating. So we decided after class to eventually make it down to the Vodafone store near the Duomo. We told them that for some reason the internet on our computers wasn’t working with the hotspot and they asked to see our computers. Which of course, we didn’t bring along. So we’ll have to go back another day. Facebook and blogging will have to wait a few days longer. I am glad though that I can at least get internet on my phone to do the basic tasks like checking my email. That money was well spent.

Since Aang is the Avatar, he can bend all the elements

Later today we had our first figure drawing class. Which, to say the least, was sufficiently awkward for reasons I don’t need to elaborate on. It was quite the experience though. My professor said I did a good job with the proportions though! There was only the stomach area that turned out disproportionate. Besides that, her only other comment was to draw bigger and to use the whole paper; which I agree. I’ve never really taken a drawing class and never really had to draw on paper that big before. There’s always next time! I am surprised at how well I drew

though; it made me happy.

Amy and I made our way home and cooked pasta (a bag costs about 50¢) with a pesto sauce (which cost €1) and enjoyed a €2 bottle of wine from Sicilia while having an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon. It’s actually a pretty good show for being on Nick and being aimed towards kids.  It has a good plot and story.  The night was a lot of fun.

We have our first field trip tomorrow to Siena, San Gimigniano, and Machavelli’s house! I’m SO excited! I can’t wait to see what else is in Tuscany!

People in this show can bend water, earth, fire, and wind