Holy Honey Wine

Pen: Menelaus Holding the Body of Patroculus

So all of the problems we’ve been having with our internet is because we’ve used up all of our data. We were given 5 gigabytes a month, and it was gone in 5 days. Turns out that Skyping takes up tons of data. Not too suprising actually. After doing some research too, it turns out that the “unlimited” internet pack would save us money anyways. We’ll have to discuss these things with our landlady and hopefully we can get it changed and up and running soon.

We also went sketching at the statue garden by the Piazza della Signoria. It was quite the comical experience. All of our drawings looked like they were done by Picasso (now we know how he did it)! It was fun to not worry about trying to make it perfect, and it taught you how to really pay attention to details without really trying to draw them.

Our incentive to get our drawings done was the currently running Chianti Wine Festival that weekend in the Piazza della Reppublica. If we finished our drawings, we treated ourselves to the festivities. Admission was only €10 and it included a wine glass (of which we have none, so it was worth it just for that). It was a lot of fun (not to get drunk) but to be able to taste many different kinds of wine next to each other and be able to taste the different flavors. I was able to pick up when it was fruitier, or more citrusy, or oaky, etc. Dad would be proud! The most delicious wine we tasted was what they called a Holy Wine, and you were only supposed to drink it in church (except on this occasion). But really, I think it was more or less a type of dessert wine. It literally tasted like honey. It was the only alcoholic drink that I have ever had a preference to. To say the least, it was amazing! I think we may try to go back tomorrow. We finished the night with a little Avatar marathon, which is always fun.