Lazy Days

Well today was pretty lazy. Slept in late and hung out almost all day. Ate yogurt for breakfast and a nutella sandwich for lunch (nutritious I know). I caught up on all the internet things that I had missed out on for the last couple of days since we ran out of internet and it reactivated today.

After binging on internet, we finally got ourselves ready and met Laura at the Piazza della Repubblica for a continuation of the Chianti wine festival. We sampled lots of different types of wine and olive oil and even honey. My favorite was this dessert wine or Holy wine of some sort that you were only supposed to drink in church or something. Either way, it was the most delicious (alcoholic) thing I’ve ever tasted. It tasted literally like honey; it was amazing. We also found a place that was sampling different types of literal honey and we bought some of that we liked for only 4 euro.

We all decided that we were going to cave and finally eat some American food at this place called “The Diner.” Everyone ordered a cheeseburger (or hamburger) and we feasted on the American goodness. It was splendid. It was really funny because I’m pretty sure we were the only Americans in the restaurant, and the only people eating a hamburger with their hands. And relatively cheap (with big portions) – very authentically American right? The food was pretty good too, by either American or Italian standards. It’s all a part of the Italian experience, even their take on American cuisine.