Love Expressions (aka Seduction 101)

Today is Justin’s Birthday! I miss him so much and hope that he has a great day. I wish I could FaceTime him today, but our stupid internet limits make that impossible for either of us. I miss talking to everyone so bad; the only way I can really communicate with anyone is through email or blog. Soon, hopefully.

So at school today, it was hilarious. This kid asked the professor after our break, how to say, “Sweetheart” in Italian. She chuckled and gave him an answer and then someone chimed in, “Who are you trying to seduce?” Everyone burst out in laughter. Our professor then spent the next hour teaching us “love expressions” as she termed it; or as Amy labeled it in her notebook: “Seduction 101.” And we learned that to get people to leave us alone if they are harassing you, you say, “Vai Via!” And they should leave. She also taught us some words that she called “mob-speak” and they were words that you generally don’t use in front of people or it will spook them and may make the situation worse. It was probably one of the funniest moments thus far in the class.

After school, Laura, Amy, and I went to San Ambrogio to pick up a few things. Amy and I really wanted some Parmesan-like cheese (since we couldn’t find it at the grocery store (can you believe it?)). We waited in line and when it was my turn, I asked for exactly what I wanted in Italian! Except for the €5 part. I said, “Five euro” instead of “Cinque Euro.” With numbers, it’s really easy to default to English.

Before heading home, we stopped by Laura’s apartment to do our Italian homework. When we are finished, we went home to unload our things and get ready to go see our landlady to complain about internet and hot water. When we told her about the internet, she basically said we would have to figure it out ourselves if we wanted to change from the internet hotspot. The thing about the hotspot is that it literally costs three times more than it would to have a router. But was she willing to help out some American college students? Negative. And when we told her that we weren’t getting hot water, she basically told us that we had the settings wrong and that we were taking too long of showers. We told her we literally weren’t using the water all day and even after waiting for over 15 minutes for the water to heat up, it never would. And if it did decide to heat up, it was scalding hot. She was really abrasive about all the concerns that we had and it was a little disconcerting. Although, after we explained the water scenario to her (that it did heat up SOMETIMES) she realized that, hey, I think the pipes to the water heater might need to be cleaned and that maybe we weren’t dumb college girls wasting water taking excessively long showers. But still, I would have thought that a fellow American would be at least a little more accommodating towards us. Hopefully these issues get resolved soon. Cold showers are the absolute worst.