A Typically Nice Day

Well if Monday’s are lazy, so are Tuesdays, and almost every other day. We went to school and came back and did the usual of doing homework and going on the internet. I did laundry though so that was pretty productive. I hope that the red wine spots come out of my cream colored sweater. Pretty bummed about that. The wine glasses from the Chianti festival were wrapped up and put in my bag and somehow they leaked onto my sweater. Very sad day. Hopefully the stain remover does what it says it does and remove the red wine out of stuff.

Later, we went to a film festival put on by NYU. The movie tonight was about a pope who decided that he couldn’t be pope after leading everyone on a goose chase wondering when he would be able to face the people and fulfill his role as pope of the church. He wasn’t able to though, and that’s how it ended. It was a little strange and we’ve decided that Italian art movies don’t give you any gratifying sense of closure at the end. A few people stayed for the discussion because Amy and Laura had questions. Other than that though, it was a pretty dry discussion. The language barrier also doesn’t help, although there were a few people that spoke good English that lead the discussion; but as a whole, there wasn’t much to even discuss. So we left and went home and went to bed. Kind of a slow day, but those are welcome every now and again.