Internet Investigations

So today our Italian professor gave us a lecture on some of the history of Florence. I was pretty excited that I listened for a good hour and a half of straight Italian and I actually understood what she was saying! I have found that I can read and hear Italian (spoken slowly of course) pretty well at this point. However, when it comes to speaking, my mind almost shuts down and it’s much harder to formulate a sentence. Although, I think that might be typical of most language learning. I am getting better at being able to think and say what I want to say, and that’s always a good sign.

After class, we came home and ate lunch and worked on the internet. I’ve been so behind on my journaling and photos. It was really rainy today too, so staying inside catching up was pretty much all there was to do.  My phone plan also ran out of money so I’ve been trying to load money online and I’m not really sure why it isn’t working. I’ve also been researching/investigating how we can change our internet to a router. I think it would definitely be the best option; it would literally save us about €600 for the whole year. Now if only we didn’t have to figure this out for ourselves… And one of the best internet providers is this company called Alice/Telecom Italia and everyone we know that has it has amazing internet. We were thinking about writing a letter to our apartment building asking to pay for the password for their wifi (a couple of people have Telecom or Alice). I REALLY hope that works so then we don’t have to request the router and send it back, sign contracts, schedule the installer to come install the thing, figure out our land line, etc. (just a LOT more work). But all the hoops to jump through would be worth it to have unlimited and consistent internet.

We made delicious pesto pasta for dinner and finished off the first season of Avatar with our friends Tamra and Aleeza. I’m pretty much hooked to the show. It has such a good story! And the characters are so lovable.