Cereal Dinner: Om Nom Nom

So today Amy wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home from our PLP class. I made the trek to school alone and went to our favorite caffé bar for my routine morning cappuccino. To my dismay however, our favorite barista guy wasn’t there. It was only his mom and dad working this morning, and it was particularly crowded at the moment so I couldn’t really say hello. In class today, we got to go to San Ambrogio and learn a lot of Italian words for food items. They eat some pretty strange things in other parts of the world; like chicken feet, cow tongue, baby cow brains, and apparently chicken heads too. It’s always shocking to see these types of things on full display in public. You would almost never see that in the United States. It’s also pretty crazy to actually see the butcher schlep a piece of meat bigger than yourself from outside and begin hacking away at it behind the counter. It is quite the experience. I’d like to go to the Mercato Centrale too to see if and how it is different from San Ambrogio.

When I got home the code for a student discount on a photo editing software came in my email. So I downloaded and played with my photos for hours. It was pretty fun.

Eventually I tired of photos (crazy I know), so I changed gears and tried (again) to reload my phone with money, which didn’t work. I tried with multiple forms of payment (even Paypal) and for some reason it won’t process the transaction. I think it might be because my card is from the United States. Either way it’s a little frustrating.

Quick Charcoal Sketch for “Warm Up”

Later, we eventually went to life drawing. Both Amy and I were somewhat lamenting going to class for fear of what, or rather who, the model might be. It was rather awkwardly traumatizing last time. Luckily, we had a pretty female model this time and she wasn’t looking right at us for three hours so it was much more bearable. At the beginning of class we always do a “warm up” by doing really quick charcoal sketches and it’s my favorite. My drawings from this exercise always look better than any other ones that I try too hard on. We’ve also realized that the class makes us extremely exhausted. Standing and focusing on things like proportion and detail really take a toll on a person. My stamina and attention span isn’t quite there yet as I feel like I begin to fade out towards the end, getting frustrated with what doesn’t look right, getting tired of drawing the same thing, and just plain getting tired (standing for 2 and a half hours is pretty tiring in and of itself).

We thought that cereal sounded delicious in class, so Amy and I each bought ourselves a box of cereal to eat for dinner and dare I say it was amazing. I haven’t had cereal in probably over 2 months and I had almost forgotten how much I loved it! We then began the 2nd season of Avatar and munched on salami, cheese, and crackers. It was a strange dinner, but certainly a delicious one! (Maybe it seemed so appetizing because of all the strange “food” items I saw today at the market)