Statue Sketching

So school is more of the same old same old. Just be learning more and more Italian! Some of the oddities of this language are incredibly strange. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure that people studying English say the same thing. After school we stopped by our apartment to eat lunch and then went to the statue garden to do our homework for our figure drawing class. Our assignment was to cross-hatch 5 statues and to do another 5 drawings with only 6 lines each. My initial sketch for the cross-hatching was horrific. After I regained my confidence and was able to joke about it, I named it Sasquatch because of how hairy it looked. Then I saw Laura’s cross-hatching sketches and they were AMAZING! They looked so life-like and beautiful! I was super bummed that mine looked so awful; but I had to keep trying. I picked the back of this one statue and that turned out to be a bad choice; who knew that backs were so hard to draw!? I then moved on to a hand on the same statue. I know from experience and just by word of mouth that hands and feet are some of the most difficult things to draw. I didn’t really have much faith in my artistic abilities at this point, but like earlier, I just had to keep trying. The hand turned out really well! I was so shocked and proud of myself for busting out a super awesome drawing. We then went to go sketch our favorite statue: “The Rape of the Sabine Women.” We greatly admire the tush of this certain Sabine woman and we decided to embark on the journey of capturing it through cross hatching. I couldn’t believe it! The sketch looked so good! (Especially the butt!) I can’t believe I actually drew something so amazing! My confidence at this point was restored and I moved on to sketching the muscular leg of the man taking the Sabine woman. That one turned out great too! I am beginning to like this technique. At first, it just looked dumb, but as you get better at it and as you see how greatly it produces results, It begins to grow on you.

In between sketches, Amy and I went to go look for dance lessons (Amy likes to Blues, Salsa, and Tango!). After acquiring this information, we met Sam back at the statue garden and added the finishing touches to our sketches. We had heard about this “Opening Day” at the Palazzo Vecchio and decided we would go since it was just the right time. We thought we had heard that there would be food and lots of interesting stuff. Probably the coolest thing about it all was the room in which it was held. There were frescos and statues everywhere. The ceilings were so unbelievably high and guilder with gold and murals depicting the city’s history. It was truly amazing. Unfortunately, it was really hard to hear in the room because the ceilings were so high and the acoustics were too echoey (I guess that’s a lesson in architecture). The speeches were pretty boring, basically some high ranking officials of an organization welcoming us and warning us to be safe and responsible. The mayor of the city was supposed to be there, but instead there was a representative, which was a let down. After it finally ended, we went to Laura’s house for her to graciously cook us dinner (which was delicious). We also were looking into overnight training into Octoberfest but I think it will be too expensive. I’d rather use that money towards a long weekend rather than an overpriced, touristy, drunken folk festival (not that it wouldn’t be fun or anything, just with more planning). We finally made it home and completed our daily ritual of homework and making it to bed at an hour always too late but seems to work fine.