She Touched the “Butt”

So after school today, we went home for lunch and a nap. I have a slightly sore throat and I really hope I’m not getting sick. Something has been going around school and I’ve been trying to not catch it because I dislike being sick so much. Amy and I researched where we might go for our PLP break and I think we’ve narrowed it down to Ireland, Switzerland, or Greece/Istanbul. There are so many places we want to visit and so very little time (even though we have the whole year). After Amy made some delicious banana bread with our leftover bananas, we went to art class. We did this charcoal negative drawing that was similar to how I feel about cross hatching. It’s really hard but if you can get it to look right, it isn’t so bad. It was really funny though because for about the first half of class I (and the majority of others in class) were too scared to even start working on the face. I had basically spent an hour and a half making a neck and shoulders that didn’t even look that great and I had a medium gray smudge for a face. She came over to give each person help and when she saw my drawing, I looked at her and made a funny face like: “uuuh, I haven’t done a face yet” and let out a little laugh. She apparently thought this was the funniest thing ever, and let out a huge roar of laughter and we laughed about it together for a good minute. She then told me that she would be back to help later. She also LOVED my cross-hatched butt! She said that I captured the statue very well and that my drawing looked like marble! I was super happy. I eventually got a face on my drawing, but he looks very sad. In fact, if I hadn’t lightened this part by his eye, it would have looked like he was crying. Good times in figure drawing.

After class we headed to the Accademia to see the David and other statues and paintings. There was free admission that night for some reason and we weren’t about to let that opportunity slip away! First we stopped by a Farmacia so that I could get some relief for my increasingly painful sore throat. It was fun to see the Accademia again and to be there with friends. There was this strange modern “art” exhibit where these young men would literally sprint through the museum and return to a certain point after their circuit. We asked a student/friend why there were runners in the museum and he explained that it was a modern art installation. I didn’t buy it. It was just too weird. We ended up seeing where the set of runners were sitting near the exit and asked them what they were doing running through the museum. They too said that it was part of a modern art installation and that they thought it was a little strange. I forgot exactly why they were running though the museum, but it was something like the people who visit museums just blitz through them for the sake of seeing the famous work and don’t really observe what is around them. Pretty deep and philosophical, but at the same time, still REALLY weird.

We then came home and had dinner, did our homework, and gloried in our new-found friend Linksys.