Well I got twelve hours of sleep last night. That’s insane. I needed it though since I wasn’t feeling well. My throat is feeling much better, but now it seems to have moved into my nose. Linksys has disappeared for the weekend so we went to a cute caffe down the street for internet. We stayed there for a while but needed to plug our computers in and they had no outlets. We decided to crash at Laura’s for internet and helped her with some chores (taking out the trash) to earn our share of internet. We also picked up some necessities at the Conad and went back to catch up on our internet needs. Once we were done, we came home and powered through some much needed housework. Amy and I vacuumed the floors, mopped the floors, dusted, did the dishes, and organized and cleaned up our room. I did some catch-up journaling and picture editing and watched an episode of Avatar. Who said resting couldn’t be productive?

Oh! and Corri La Vita is tomorrow! I’m excited