Most of today was spent continuing to recover from being sick. I think the worst has definitely passed so it is really only a matter of time until I am at 100%.

Linksys also reappeared today! It’s so nice to have a consistent internet connection. We are so deprived of it sometimes it’s almost like not having food (just goes to show how spoiled modern Americans are) and when we finally get a stable connection, it is like binging on food, it’s all we do, we’re obsessed. I was able to Skype my parents and Justin in the SAME DAY! It was marvelous! I really hope someone emails us soon about sharing their internet. Six people have taken a ticket and not one has replied. Why would you take one and not do anything?! The sign has been up for a week and if we haven’t taken it down, it means we STILL don’t have internet! Gah! I am at the point now where I’ll do just about anything to have a good connection in our apartment. Hoping that you have internet at home is a feeling that has definitely overstayed its welcome.

In the meantime, I edited a lot of photos from our trip to Pisa and was starting to upload them to the internet so that I could update Facebook, Flickr, and WordPress. Now it’s on to the Corri La Vita photos! Let’s hope those don’t take too long. Oh and we watched a couple of episodes of Avatar; they found Appa (yay!)!

As always, I get to bed later than I should, but still at a decent hour. It’s all that Italian homework!