So I went to school alone today because Amy wasn’t feeling well.  After school she was still asleep so I grabbed my computer and went to Meykadeh for internet.  Laura stopped by after her Italian class and we hung out and talked about stuff that was going on.  Amy showed up later and we decided to go sketching for our drawing class.  We drew a few hands and feet before deciding that it had become too cold and dark to be able to see the shadows and the features that we needed to draw.  We decided to split for dinner and reconvene to meet some friends we were hosting from Denmark.  Amy and I found a yummy and decently priced restaurant by our favorite gelato place, RivaReno, and I had an AMAZING spinach and cheese ravioli with a meat sauce.  The sauce reminded me of Vince’s spaghetti sauce (but Vince’s sauce has more tomatoes but the flavor was basically the same).  I wasn’t expecting it to be anything amazing because it just sounded so safe.  I ended up ordering it because (1) I wanted ravioli, and (2) it had a cute story about how the chef (or whoever’s recipe it was) would eat a similarly made ravioli that his grandmother would make on Sundays.  It was both sentimental and delicious! A win-win!  After dinner, we unfortunately couldn’t make the soccer game at school, and went to meet our friends from Denmark at Santa Croce.  We let them drop off their bags and then decided to take them to the same restaurant that we went to earlier for dinner and then showed them to RivaReno which was next door.  We then came home and did our Italian homework while everyone cleaned up and then headed to bed.