Planning and “Partying”

After class today we started planning our PLP break to Switzerland at school since Linksys hasn’t been working consistently. After several hours of planning and eventually running out of laptop battery, we grabbed our things for our life drawing class and headed over to Oltrarno for some quick landscape sketches. I didn’t really know what these were supposed to be like but I did know that they had to be in charcoal. I wasn’t really happy with how they turned out but whatever. I was also only able to really complete 1 out of the five. One was supposed to be of trees but I just got frustrated and started over with a different drawing that ended up turning out better than the other one. My life drawing picture turned out decent though. My biggest problem is not leaving enough white space in my cross-hatching. This drawing was supposed to be just cross-hatching and proportionally, I got things down, and even the cross-hatching wasn’t too bad; but what happens is I get carried away and it starts looking like a Sasquatch. I just need more practice; practice always makes perfect!

My first shot

After all things school related, we went to Laura’s house and picked her up to go out for Amy’s birthday. We took her out to a nice restaurant and bought her some gelato. When we were done with dinner, we stopped by our house so everyone could get ready for the bars because Amy wanted the traditional “SLO Bar Crawl” for her 21st. We started at this bar called Kikuya, which is just a British pub, and we got a deal where if we bought two drinks, we got free shots. I wasn’t too wild about drinking too much and at the time we weren’t even clear as to what the “deal” was but this is what we ended up getting. After everyone had received their shots (which we got first), I told Laura and Amy that I had never actually had a shot before and we celebrated this “momentous” occasion with a terribly embarrassing, but incredibly descriptive photo of my reaction. I obviously don’t have the “technique” down, and I probably never will, but it was funny and we joked about it all night. We met up/found some other people that were meeting us to celebrate Amy’s night and headed to another bar to try to get more free drinks for the Birthday Girl. I basically followed along the whole time and people watched; which is always incredibly entertaining when you are one of the only people sober. One of the final bars we went to was over by school and the San Ambrogio Market and was called the “Monkey Bar.” It was so beyond late at this point, I really just wanted to go home because I was tired and, not to mention, we had an Italian test the next day/morning that I hadn’t even studied for. I was given another shot, this time of Vodka, and it was probably the MOST AWFUL thing I have ever tasted in my whole life. You probably aren’t supposed to even taste it, but because I have no idea as to how to consume such a beverage, I partook in its vile essence. After people talked for a while, some decided to play a game of darts. I was invited to a tag-team game of 301. I had to explain to Laura and Amy (who were both a little tipsy/buzzed) how to throw the dart so that they could be more consistent in hitting their mark and how the rules of the game worked, as in, you HAVE to score exactly 301, no more and no less. It was both fun and funny though to play with people who were a tad drunk but still having a good time. I did surprisingly well for not having played in years. I remembered this time where I saw my uncle throwing darts at our dart board in the loft and he literally threw three bulls-eyes in a row. I don’t think he knew that I saw but it was a good memory. Maybe it’s like riding a bike: you might be a little rusty at first, but you never really forget how to do it.

After everyone was done at the Monkey Bar I was able to excuse myself and go home. It was so much later than I had hoped (2 am to be exact) and I still had stuff to do and was still recovering from a cold. I quickly did my Italian homework, which luckily, wasn’t that long or very difficult, and I skimmed the book that we are reading in class. Unfortunately, I was too tired to really remember or comprehend anything that was happening and could only partially translate it with what little energy I had left. I decided to just give up and go to bed and hopefully read it in the morning while also cramming for our test that morning too. This probably won’t end well in terms of testing (at least I can afford it), but it was at least a memorable night.