Friday Fun Day

Italian test today. I never know how I’ll do. Whenever I think that it’s “easy” I always do really horribly and whenever I think that I did poorly, I end up doing well; I never really know. Amy left for Oktoberfest with some people from school so I have the weekend to myself! I wanted to do something fun since I would pretty much be alone so I decided with Sam (who was also alone for the weekend) that we were going to go to Orvieto, which is in Perugia. So after our test, we walked over to the train station to buy our train tickets, which turned out to only be 15 euro each way. Afterwards, I came home and messed around on the internet. The connection definitely isn’t as good as it used to be; it has been really on and off and there is not really any discernible pattern as to when and why it is on. With that being said, I decided to email our landlady so that we could start getting the things we needed together for if we were going to get the internet on our own. I asked her if the apartment had a landline and if we could please have it for applying for the Vodafone router. She quickly replied but with bad news: that the line had been disconnected. I was fit to be tied. All I want is to have a reliable internet connection in my apartment so that I can use it when I want and how much I want. Is it really too much to ask!? Seeing that I really needed to get out of the house because I was about to throw my laptop across the room and burst into tears, I decided to go grocery shopping since we had absolutely no food. I love that in Italy, you can get a good weeks worth of food for two people for only about €20. I also found a FANTASTIC pasta sauce that I splurged on and bought for my romantic dinner by myself that was called “pesto alla Siciliana.” So it was obviously some kind of “pesto” but Sicilian; and it wasn’t green like regular pesto and actually looked kind of gross. It turned out to be one of the best sauces I’ve had here in Italy from the grocery store. And one of the best parts about it, was that it was Biutonni! Who knew that an American popularized Italian food brand would actually be good in Italy. I mean, I guess it kind of makes sense but still! I continued editing photos for the rest of the night until later when I met up with Laura to peruse the European Food and Culture festival that popped up overnight in Santa Croce. They had everything from German beer and bratwursts, to Dutch crepes and stroopwafels, to Austrian strudel, to Spanish paella, Czech Republic food, and everything in between. We decided to get a beer (since we had already eaten dinner) and celebrate our own little Oktoberfest on the steps of Santa Croce. I REALLY wanted to try the Dutch crepes and wanted EVEN MORE to get stroopwafels! Maybe tomorrow; and maybe they will give me a discount if I buy both!

Happy Birthday Dad!


*Sorry for the posting delays; I’ve been super busy!