Sunset over Firenze

Me and Laura on the steps of Piazzale Michelangelo

So after school today I basically hung out until a mysterious person rang our doorbell. It turns out it was Laura and our friend Tamra who wanted to go out sketching. I grabbed my stuffs and went down to meet them. After a short detour to Tamra’s house to get food and see her guitar, we stopped by the art store across the street and I found this AMAZING charcoal pencil sharpener designed specifically for these certain types of pencils that you can only sharpen with an exacto (which is super annoying). I was pretty thrilled at this new find.

Crashed on a bench in the Rose Garden

We made our way up to Piazzale Michaelangelo and ended up at the Rose Garden right below it and sketched for a couple of hours. I was strangely exhausted so I crashed on a bench for a good half hour and Laura stole a few pictures of me sleeping. I was left with strange marks from my sweater across my face, but was now recharged and ready to do more drawing! We then went up to the Piazzale to do even MORE drawing and ended up sketching the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio in charcoal. Afterwards, Tamra enticed us to visit her PLP Project monument, San Miniato al Monte, just up the hill a bit. San Miniato al Monte is this cute little church that looms over the city, and I think its mosaic work makes it look like a person making a hilarious face. Anyway, we went inside and it was perhaps the eeriest church I had ever been in. It was almost completely dark (because the sun was setting) and there were monks in a then unknown location singing. The combination of the lighting and sound was really moving and made the church that much more beautiful. Even Laura and Tamra said that that was the most moved they had felt inside a church. It was also really interesting that the church had split levels. After perusing the church, we went outside and enjoyed the sunset over the city before heading down the hill and back home.

The day concluded with pasta and new sauce and a healthy dose of Avatar.