Day of Drawing, Wandering, and a Birthday!

After school today I decided to go to our favorite little coffee shop Meykadeh just to get out of the house. I was working on transcribing notes from my old Italian notebook into my new one, when, after a couple of hours, I decided to meet up with Laura to try to get some drawings done. She gave me her location and I went to try and find her. Went to the vague location and didn’t see her so I tried calling. I called literally like 20 times and it never went through. I tried texting, still to no avail. I KNOW I have money on my phone and it said that I had service so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to contact her. I was pretty fed up with Wind (my cell phone provider) at this point.  So I gave up and just tried walking around the general area. I knew that she said she wanted to sketch in Santa Croce so I walked between the Duomo and the Ospidale dei Innocenti for a good 30 minutes before heading to Santa Croce. FINALLY! I found Laura and Kim! I decided last minute to check around the square to see if they would be there sketching and they were! I sat with them and sketched a door and the sketch didn’t really turn out that well and I didn’t like but it was fun to be social and draw something at the same time.  Oh! And after Kim went home and it was just me and Laura drawing, these two middle-aged Asian guys came up to us and motioned to their camera.  We assumed they wanted us to take a picture of them in front of the church.  But neigh!  They EACH wanted pictures with US!  It was so funny!  After they took pictures, they scurried off and were looking at their camera so excitedly and hurriedly that Laura and I had no idea what just happened.  But it was hilariously funny!

I came home and met up with Amy to meet Sam at her apartment with some other people from school to celebrate her 22nd birthday. We went to Sam’s favorite restaurant across the Arno and then came back home and toasted champagne in honor of Sam. We then all headed over to Kikuya (the local bar on “bar row”) to celebrate. I didn’t drink anything and went home around 12 so that I could quickly do my Italian homework before going to bed.