Rain and Registration

It was a pleasantly rainy day today in Florence. At school, our Italian teacher took us to this little Pazzi Church just around the corner. It was so cute! It was a church dedicated to one of the Pazzi women who was a nun and I think she might have been a mystic. It was a nice place because it was quiet and the chapel’s altar piece was surprisingly ornate with lots of differently colored marble.

We went home to grab some registration information and then went to Mr. Pizza with Laura and her roommate Jake to discuss what classes we were going to take this semester. We ended up registering for a class on classical mythology and Florentine architecture along with the Italian classes and studio that we are automatically enrolled in. Amy and I stayed at school afterwards to plan our PLP trip and eventually made our way to Meykadeh for more planning and internet. Eventually, we made it home and did our homework and I tried to catch up on journaling, but unfortunately, didn’t get much done.