Commence Project Drawing Final

After school today, we all went to Salvini’s for art supplies for our upcoming life drawing final critique on Thursday. If I knew how to use all the supplies in that store, and if I had the money and space, I would literally buy the whole store. It’s like office and school supplies, I just want ALL of them!

Afterwards, I took a nice walk to the rose garden to get a picture of what I want to draw for the project. I got to explore the garden a little bit more and found the Japanese garden, which was very pretty and found more secret places and pathways and even a gate that led up to Piazzale Michaelangelo. Afterwards, I headed down to the post office to try my hand at mailing something. That was quite the experience. So you go in, and you are supposed to push a certain button for your mailing needs. Seeing that I don’t know any Italian words about mailing, I just pushed the one with an envelope. After waiting a good 15 minutes, turns out it was the wrong button, the guy told me which one to press instead, and I waited another 20-25 minutes for my number to be called. 5 euro later, I voted in my first presidential election! I was pretty happy about that and was happy to be able to participate in the American political system, no matter how many problems it may have at times, every vote counts.

After fulfilling my American responsibility, I went home and began drawing my final art project. I bought these conte crayon things and did some practicing on newsprint, and I’m not really sure if I like how it’s turning out. I did a full size sketch on newsprint and then practiced more with the crayons and decided to go with the charcoal pencil thing. I’m working through the left side of the foliage and I just don’t know. I Skyped Jordan today! And it was fun talking to her and comparing French and Italian languages. I showed her my drawing and she thought it was great, but I attribute it to poor computer video graphics. We’ll see. I think I’m going to sleep on it and see what I think about it tomorrow morning.