Art Review

So today I came home from school and furiously finished my drawing from the night before. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself! Only problem, was that I still had ANOTHER drawing to do! After how long the previous drawing took, I was convinced that I wouldn’t finish this drawing if it saved my life. I didn’t even know what I was going to draw or what artist I was going to be inspired by. I decided to take the “easy” way out and picked Leonardo DaVinci to “inspire” my drawing and I cleverly decided that the easiest thing to do were my hands since my hands in the previous drawing turned out pretty stinkin good. So I took some pictures of my hands in three different poses and then began drawing. Whilst sketching the outlines, I remembered, “oh yeah, hands are only like THE hardest thing to draw!” I continued uninhibited and was working under some serious pressure in order to get them finished. After avoiding hands, feet, and faces the entire length of the class, I think I redeemed myself with these drawings. The hands ended up ALL turning out amazing, even the final ones that technically I didn’t finish and ended up completing in only two and a half hours. Even my professor loved them! She said that it was as if I had been “struck by lightning!” She was really impressed by how much I had progressed in only the few short weeks we had been to class. I started drawing a little man that was only about 4 inches tall, to filling an entire (approximately) two foot piece of paper with an awesome drawing WITH HANDS! I feel pretty confident in my abilities now and REALLY wish the class lasted longer. I CAN MAKE ART NOW! YAY!!!