Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Bikes and I go Boom

So I met up with Sam today to get pancakes at the Diner for brunch and afterwards went around town with her running some errands. Whilst running errands, it happened. I, of all… Continue reading

Movie Night

So after school today there was a movie showing of this movie called “Agora.” It was about a female scientist and philosopher in Alexandria Egypt. It was really interesting to watch, sad, but… Continue reading

Architecture Midterms

Today’s the DAY! The day of Architecture midterm reviews! I was so tired that I passed out in class for a good 30 minutes during some people’s reviews – oops! Afterwards though I… Continue reading


Crammed for our project midterms due tomorrow. Hours slip by so fast when you work so hard. Didn’t get to bed until 4:30 in the morning. Went through so many emotions during the… Continue reading

Pisa Baptistry Acoustics

Pisa Baptistry Acoustics a video by Paige Taff on Flickr. Here’s a video from when we went to Pisa. I only just figured out how to post videos on WordPress since I don’t… Continue reading