Bikes and I go Boom

So I met up with Sam today to get pancakes at the Diner for brunch and afterwards went around town with her running some errands. Whilst running errands, it happened. I, of all people, was hit…by a bike. We were crossing the street and I was looking in the direction from which the cars were coming, and BOOM. A bike going the WRONG WAY down the street nails me. I didn’t even look at the guy because I was so shocked. All I remember was saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and he saying, “Mi scusi, mi scusi…” (the Italian equivalent). I finished walking across the street, still in shock, and a little hurt (nothing bad though). Sam complimented me on how I didn’t fall. I, Rampaige, STOPPED the bike. That’s right. Stopped it! If I were to be triumphant at anything, that would be it. Despite the silver lining of being ok and stopping the bike, I did poke a little hole through my favorite black pants. Fortunately, it can be fixed. I was lucky enough to walk away with only a flesh wound and a few bruises.

I also woke up this morning thinking that I would be going to school to work for the day – to catch up and get ahead on things like the architecture project that I felt re-inspired by the past weeks reviews. Lo and behold, we get an email saying that the upper part of the school is once AGAIN closed because of construction work that would make it unsafe for us to be there. GAH! It’s so frustrating to not have that place to work. They don’t understand that that place is like where EVERYONE goes to work, and if they take that away from us, we physically CAN’T work on our projects! In there defense though, it seemed like they were doing some kind of electrical work in the place that made it seem like it actually might be dangerous…but STILL. After we got kicked out at 5, Jake and I went to pick up the photos that I had dropped off earlier at the photo printer place, but they weren’t done yet so we headed to Astor, an American-type cafe (with internet and food), to watch the series “Community,” which I’m starting to get hooked on.