Monthly Archive: December, 2012

Hard to Say Goodbye

Well the family left for the US today. It’s so hard to say goodbye. So many tears were shed. They mean so much to me. Life would be so much more perfect if… Continue reading

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Shopping again today! On a mission…to find SHOES! First we stopped by my apartment to show everyone where I live. They all thought it was super cute and liked it a lot. Then… Continue reading

Sunny in Siena

Today was another beautiful day in Florence. We made our way to the bus station bright and early to catch a bus to Siena. I’ve never used the SITA bus system but it… Continue reading


Went shopping all over town today. First we started at the Ponte Vecchio and admired all the sparkly jewels. Then we made our way down Calzaiouli and Justin bought a bronze statue of… Continue reading

Pisa…Round Two

Transported the clan to Pisa today! Used the train to get us there and the little bus in front of the non-existent “Jolly Hotel” to get us to the Field of Miracles. We… Continue reading

Uffizi and Accademia Day

The day after Christmas. What is there to do. Almost everything is closed and its a cold, rainy, and blustery day. Let’s go to the museums! This was actually a great idea because… Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Florence

The whole clan slept in today. I still can’t get over how glad I am that they are here. There is nothing better in the world than my family. We feasted on a… Continue reading

Today’s the Day!

Today I went Christmas shopping for the family. They are coming today and I needed a way to make the time pass faster! I ran around town collecting the things I needed and… Continue reading

St. Vitus Cathedral

Move Out…Move In

Well it turns out that Amy’s parents were coming today! I was pretty frantic to figure out if I should go to the apartment to get settled in, or if I needed a… Continue reading