Christmas Fair

Hopped from Astor to Meykadeh for internet today and simply a place to be. At Meykadeh I happened upon Laura’s roommate Kristin and she told me about maybe going to the Christmas Fair in Santa Croce with her and her friend and Laura (Laura had told her to tell me). So after we were done with our coffee we dropped off our stuffs at their house and strolled through the fair. We munched on wurstel and Laura and I tried “hot wine.” It was rather peculiar. It tasted almost like apple cider, but was wine, but was hot. SUPER strange. Delicious at first, but the sensation wore off after about half way. Still worth the experience though. Topped the night off with Nutella crepes. Hurray!
Oh…and there’s a chance of snow on Thursday. Find boots ASAP…ready, set, GO!