Christmas Concert and Party

At school today there was a Christmas concert by a guitarist and a singer. The school Director came upstairs and told all the architects to get their butts downstairs because no one was there.  It’s like, you realize you’re cutting our studio time in half and we’re trying to make use of any free time in there we can get and you are literally forcing us to an optional school event?!  Gah!  It was nice though – they sang two songs that I learned in Italian class: one was Volare, the other Azzuro. Afterwards there was a yummy catered dinner. We had some kind of cabbage-y artichoke-y something, a sort of goulash (which was my favorite), little polenta cakes, and cheesy quiche type of thing. There was also some kind of yummy peach fizzy drink that was tasty too! It was fun and what made the night was the free food! Good times, good friends, good holiday.