Pisa…Round Two

Transported the clan to Pisa today! Used the train to get us there and the little bus in front of the non-existent “Jolly Hotel” to get us to the Field of Miracles. We bought tickets for the Baptistry, the Tower, and the Museum. The Baptistry never disappoints, the acoustics are simply amazing. Afterwards, we went to the Leaning Tower for our ascent. It was insane walking up the steps. You felt like you were in a fun house because your position was so wobbly. The indentations on the steps from hundreds of years of climbing leaned with the direction of the building. Also they were made of marble and it was a little rainy, so the steps at the bottom were a bit slippery. The view from the top was amazing though. It was especially neat to see the Cathedral from that point of view. It was also funny because Justin kept calling it “Pizza.” He even made a video walking down the tower and called it “Pizza” like five times. He’s such a noobie-but he’s my noobie.

We then went to a yummy restaurant for lunch, where we feasted on ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, pizza, salad, pasta, a calzone, etc. Delizioso! Then we made our way to the Duomo museum to see some of the original statues and artifacts from the Duomo. And last but not least, the Cathedral. One of my favorites personally, because it is so simply beautiful inside and out. It reminds me a little bit of a simpler version of the Milan Cathedral. Not as big and grandiose but still awe-inspiring in its own right.

As simple as Pisa is, it’s definitely worth a visit. The slanted buildings are really funny, and the Field of Miracles is beautiful. You just have to take a characteristically touristy picture holding up the tower. Because, what would a trip to Pisa be without that?