Went shopping all over town today. First we started at the Ponte Vecchio and admired all the sparkly jewels. Then we made our way down Calzaiouli and Justin bought a bronze statue of Perseus and the Head of Medusa. Grandma looked at purses and we went to Tezenis where Jordan bought some stuff. Then we got gelato and hazelnuts. Next we went to the Mercato Nuovo and bought scarves and I got a cute leather bag (we talked the guy down abut 20 euro).  We eventually made it down to San Lorenzo and tried on some leather jackets. Unfortunately none of them really fit. Also, the boys bought leather/cashmere-lined gloves. It’s pretty cute how Justin buys the same stuff as dad. They are like little shopping buddies. I also got a pair of cute shoes at a store nearby the Duomo. They are black and have a little heel. Super cute! We finished the day with a delicious meal at the Ponte Vecchio Restaurant and came home to relax. I love having my family here. I don’t even want to think about them having to leave.