Sunny in Siena

Today was another beautiful day in Florence. We made our way to the bus station bright and early to catch a bus to Siena. I’ve never used the SITA bus system but it was actually pretty easy. There is this area that you go into near the train station and there’s a ticket area and everything. You never would expect that behind what basically looks like a garage. Anyway, we bought our tickets, which were surprisingly cheap, only about 8 euro a person. And although the bus was pretty full and not the prettiest, it got us to Siena in about an hour, which was way faster than the train would have got us there. All I need to do now is find a consistent place to know where and when these buses leave. I’d like to use it more but finding that information online is nearly impossible.

So we finally arrived in Siena at the bus station, which was basically in the town, which was also very convenient. I was oriented to the town however, from the church of San Domenico, which was only a short walk away. So we went there for the bathroom and also peeked inside the church. Which had some really neat looking stained glass windows that I think were more modern than the church. On the poster thing inside, it said that the church was an Egyptian-cross plan. I have never heard of that style of church plan anywhere. I guess I should do some research. It was cool nonetheless. It was a little asymmetrical and had all the Sienese neighborhoods’ flags on the walls.

When we were done, we made our way to the Campo. It was such a beautiful and crisply cool day. The sun felt so nice and warm and I wanted to just sit in the piazza for a while, but unfortunately we couldn’t. I went to the tourist info point and got a map for 1 euro and a postcard with all the city’s flags fit into each of the districts. We had lunch at the same place we ate at when we came with the school, which is a little trattoria behind the Civic Museum and Tower. It was delicious! I had a potato gnocchi with a rosé sauce. We then made our way to the Duomo and guided ourselves via Rick Steves’ through the landmarks inside the Cathedral. We also went into the Piccolomini Library, which is just as stunning this time as it was the time before. On this trip too, we went into the Opera Museum, where the Cathedral’s original statues and altar pieces are. It was really cool. There was also an option to go on top of the proposed new nave (from back before the bubonic plague wiped out the city), but we would have had to wait another 45 minutes to even be at the front of the line so we decided not to. We made it back to the bus station where we bought our tickets and (eventually) found seats on the bus, which was packed. There were some people that didn’t even have seats and they just stood there the whole way. Jordan and I talked about life and the struggles that we each are going through right now. I love having my sister; she is my best friend and it’s great to have someone to always vent to. She’s always there and always has a new point of view and even has some good advice! (hehe!) She’s always there for me and I miss having her here to hang out with and go shopping! We have a secret understanding and we are the only ones who truly understand our bond. Love you Jordie!