Shop ‘Til You Drop

Shopping again today! On a mission…to find SHOES! First we stopped by my apartment to show everyone where I live. They all thought it was super cute and liked it a lot. Then we headed up Via di Neri and got a cappuccino. Next we peeked into a shoe store that seemed like they had a lot of shoes. I tried on some cute Oxford detailed boots, but decided to keep looking. Justin bought some really nice dress shoes though. And Jordan almost bought a cute pair of wedges. We moved on and went to some other places around town looking at stuff and picking up the items that people wanted to get. Like Jordan needed a shirt for her boyfriend and Justin bought a scarf from the store where Jordan bought the shirt. We went back to San Lorenzo to poke around and went into Mercato Centrale, which was surprisingly open. We bought some yummy cheese and salami and walked around and also tasted some amazing tapenade, oils, and honey/vinegar stuffs. Then we went to the Trattoria Icche C’è C’è for a big lunch (since we weren’t going to eat much for dinner since the family has to get up so early tomorrow). The final sight for the trip was the Piazzale Michelangelo. We decided to taxi up there because we didn’t want to miss the sunset. We took tons of photos and I think the family really enjoyed it. I also took them down to the Rose Garden where we all sat and enjoyed the breathtaking Florentine skyline. Mom, Jordan, Justin, and I then set out to definitely find shoes. There was one more store that I wanted to check out. We went there and I wasn’t too impressed with anything that they had. Jordan got a cute pair of little black shoes though. We then went back to the very first store from this morning. The boots that I had my eye on had a small imperfection on the toe where the dye had been scratched off. It was a bit of a deal breaker. But then, Mom to the rescue! She found a super cute pair of boots that were simple, but about the same color as the other ones with a zipper up the back and a little buckle. They were perfect! Jordan even got the same ones in black. Justin bought a pair of chukka boots. And mom bought some shiny sneakers. We are set! Mission accomplished! I was super happy at our find. We then grabbed some things for breakfast the next morning and went back to the apartment for dinner. We had something light, just salad, cheese, salami, and tooth-breaking bread. I then got to open birthday presents! I’m super happy that I got to spend it with my family. I wish they could be there for the real thing; actually I wish they could stay forever. I know tomorrow is going to be really hard. Not really sure how I’m going to cope with it. We all spent the rest of the night packing and cleaning up. Bracing myself for the worst tomorrow 😦