Monthly Archive: January, 2013

Room With A View

Did some planning for our trip to Morocco and Spain today! Figured out what days we will be where and what we will do in these places and even got one of the… Continue reading

Keep It Simple Stupid

Just a usually long day at studio. Worked out some of my floor plans and decided that it was just way too complicated. The project feels like a fun house. There aren’t many… Continue reading

Unexpected Entertainment

After a regular day at school, Sam asked me if I wanted to see D’Jango Unchained at 9. I said sure since I didn’t really have anything else to so that night and… Continue reading

Nothin Much

Just did what I usually do today. Went to school. Came home. Made pasta. Played games. We did have a site visit today at the Medici Chapels and the Laurentian Library for my… Continue reading

Studio Time

Been in studio almost all day today. Watched How I Met Your Mother for about half of the time though. And decided to partition my drive for Windows simply for the purpose of… Continue reading

What’s new

Worked in studio all day today. Well…worked in a little bit of How I Met Your Mother too. But am mostly frustrated with how to do my floor plans efficiently. Thinking about running… Continue reading

Pancakes and Shopping

Met with Sam for pancakes this morning. Delicious as always! I spent the first half of the morning playing a little game where you build a village. Not like the old games I… Continue reading

A New Buddy!

Been working really hard on my architecture project. Went to the Florence Archeology Museum, which was really neat. There were some of the oldest pieces of pottery and Egyptian artifacts. Saw a lot… Continue reading

Tally Ho!

Justin got my letter! It only took 13 days for it to get there! Oh well. I’ve been working really hard on my architecture project. I’m determined to not do as bad as… Continue reading

Feeling Better

Worked really hard at school today. Copied my mythology notes and made my dinner at home. Made me feel rather domestic. I’ve been so productive recently it has made me feel really good… Continue reading