Back to School!

First day back at school! It wasn’t too bad. Florentine architecture in the morning, got an A on my midterm, which didn’t surprise me too much because I had done the readings and studied (kind of – as in crammed). But I felt prepared and felt like I did a good job when I was taking it.

Later was Italian and we had a little party for some kids whose birthday’s were that day or the day before and semi-combined it with an Epiphany celebration.

Studio consisted of them telling us about our next project which is to design a museum for Italian industrial design that is set on this patch of land near the Arno. I’m really determined to do better on this project. I want to make a timeline of all the things I need to do so that I don’e get behind on stuff. I want to blow them out of the water next time. My idea is pretty simple, which is good, but I think I can make it work nicely. I also want to do some damage control on my last project and finish the floor plans and sections that they ripped me apart on last time. So much to do!

Since there really wasn’t anything to do during studio since we really needed to go to the site in order to start anything, Laura, Kris, Tamra, and myself all decided to go see The Hobbit. I had sort of seen it with Kim on her computer, but I didn’t really know what was going on and couldn’t hear or see it very well. Seeing it on the big screen though was a MUST. It was beautifully made and the graphics are amazing. Plus the theater that it was in is beautiful too. It was also cool because this was an English showing of the movie and there were Italian subtitles. So it was cool to kind of be reading them at the same time as watching the movie and learning some new words; like “dwarf” is “nono” in Italian. And they didn’t bother to make English subtitles during when certain creatures like the orcs speak so we had to read them in Italian. And I could read them and understand in Italian what they were saying! It made me feel good about myself and my Italian.