Happy Birthday to ME!

Well it’s my Birthday. It’s hard to be away from my family and the people I love, but somehow I’ll manage. I got my Mythology midterm back and got a B+/A-, which I’m totally satisfied with considering I didn’t study at all and felt super yucky.

Laura and I went to the San Ambrogio market for her to look for studio slippers (best idea ever, by the way). We also found these leggings that were (partially) made out of cashmere. It was like a sweater for your legs and it was only 10 euro! So we got those. I also went to the bank to get money out for rent and went back to studio.

After Italian class we went to see our landladies and talk to them about breaking our contract. I think I’ll have to pay February and part of March’s rent. So that sucks. And then they tell us that we have to send a “registered letter” to the owners telling them that we are leaving. Using the post office is hard enough here in Italy, let alone sending this fancy form of a letter! And it’s not like they were going to help us either; even though they said they would “help” I know them and they wouldn’t. They had a hard time “helping” us get hot water. And then I told them why we were splitting and how I am used to living by myself. And the lady rudely said that I should never get married. Um, excuse me!? That is a totally, completely different situation than this and it applies on almost no context. It made me really mad. And then she tried to tell us that we had a paper with all the initial utility readings on it, which wasn’t true because they said they would take the readings way back when we first started living there and it wasn’t until a month ago that we even knew where the other meter was! Aside from wanting to live alone, I’m just really fed up with these people. It’s like they don’t even know what they are doing and they blame everything on us and say rude things. I’m really just done with it. I’m done being blamed for stuff I don’t know and didn’t do or don’t know how to do; and I’m done not having a good internet connection. Sometimes all you want to do is roam around your house is sweats or PJs and use the internet whenever you want. And I can’t even do that. I’m even deprived of studio access because of this stuff going on there about how we can’t be there after hours because it’s apparently against the Italian law.

Afterwards I stayed in studio and FaceTimed my family, all wishing me a happy birthday.  We then watched the movie Clash of the Titans for my mythology class, which was inaccurate mythologically, but entertaining nonetheless.  Afterwards a group of my friends and I went to the Trattoria Ponte Vecchio, the one with the pear “ravioli” like pasta.  And I ordered just that.  It was just as amazing as I remember it.  I’ll never forget it!  Then a few of us went out to a bar where we had a mixed drink and then another bar for a few shots.  I figured I had to make up for what I didn’t do on my 21st birthday on my 22nd…but nothing too crazy.  You all know me.  It was a great night.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.