Post-Birthday Work Day

Last night was super fun. I went to dinner at the “Trattoria Ponte Vecchio” with all my friends: Laura, Jake, Josh, Kim, Taylor, and Sam. I got my favorite pear and pecorino stuffed “fiocchi” (a type of pasta) and it was just as delicious as I remember (and thank you Josh for paying for it!). I convoked 4 of my friends to try it too and they thought it was amazing; maybe because it is! It was fun to sip good wine and enjoy a great meal with people I really enjoy. I can’t thank them enough.

Afterwards, we buzzed our friend Liz down (she lives above the restaurant) and she came down and said happy birthday, which was really nice. Then everyone was determined to buy me at least one drink for my birthday. So we went to this bar/cafe place called something something Bigallo and Josh got me this thing called a Long Beach Iced Tea. It was pretty good. Then we went to Kikuya and Laura bought me a shot called a Fire Ball. It was vodka (I think) and a tomato with salt on top and somewhere in there there was tobasco sauce. Needless to say, as the name implies, it was really (strangely) spicy! After my mouth cooled off and ample time between, Jake got this one called a Snow Ball. It was vodka (again I think) and a lime that you coated in powdered sugar. It was actually really delicious and refreshing. That was all in terms of drinking and honestly, I wouldn’t want to do any more than that. I didn’t have a hangover or feel sick, maybe because it wasn’t that much, but it was just the right amount to have a good time. I’m not really into that kind of stuff but when you are with friends and you have good self control, it’s fun. I wouldn’t do it every weekend either, but for a special occasion, I think it’s fine. Anyway…

Right now I’m working on sending a “registered letter” in Italy today. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. There are just some forms to fill out and I guess you’ll just take the letter to the post office and fill it out there. Easy enough. It’s mainly just knowing which form to get and how to fill it out. New blog post? Post Office 102?

Studio doesn’t open again until 7:30 tonight. So I want to get everything done that I need to outside of school so that I can work on school things while I’m there.

I have so much to do and ends to tie up, it’s kind of stressful. I’m trying to tackle each task one at a time. Piano piano.