Pancakes and Shopping


Met with Sam for pancakes this morning. Delicious as always! I spent the first half of the morning playing a little game where you build a village. Not like the old games I used to play when I was a kid though, like where the efficiency of your placement of buildings effected the outcome of your city and the happiness of your citizens. But on a simpler note, it’s more like that and maybe Farmville. Which I don’t like, but it’s fun to play the little game and get high scores. And I’m so competitive that I am obsessed with getting all the parts.

After brunch with Sam, I decided to take myself shopping. I was kind of looking for another jacket that was a semi-military style with a furry-lined-hood. Kind of like the lighter jacket that I already have by Hurley, but in puffy jacket form. I walked all over the city. And I went into stores that I’ve always wanted to go into; like the store called Dixie, and the Rinascente, and the 99-9 store, and some others. I also re-found the Brandy Mellville store and went in. I really liked the stuff that they carried and ended up buying a little black skirt and some really fun leggings to mix with my solid clothing items. Apparently they have a 2nd location on Cavour…I’m gonna have to check it out.

I also got my first pen-pal letter from my high school friend Jm. I’ve wanted to have a pen-pal for so long, ever since I was little. It only took about 15 years to finally get one! I’m excited to write back. Just gotta find the time.

I was really proud of going shopping by myself. Over the summer I realized how I was afraid to do things by myself. Even things like going to the grocery store. It was completely irrational and I had no idea why I didn’t like doing that. I felt like I alway needed someone to be there to bounce ideas off of. But now I really enjoy the times I have alone. It’s time to think and observe the world around you. I’ve always been an introverted kind of person, but I still liked having a lot of people around. And like I would like to have people there and with me but not necessarily talk to me. And through this experience of studying abroad, I’ve been able to enjoy myself and find that confidence to be who I am alone without other people holding my hand. It’s a good feeling.