Nothin Much

Just did what I usually do today. Went to school. Came home. Made pasta. Played games. We did have a site visit today at the Medici Chapels and the Laurentian Library for my Florentine Architecture class. They were pretty neat. It was cool to see something you’ve learned about years ago finally in person. Even though it was cold and rainy outside (like it always is for that class) it was still nice. It was also funny to see some of Michelangelo’s statues of women. They basically looked like men with a female face and a really bad boob job. We also learned why each statue was made either male or female and it’s because of the gender of the Italian word – interesting. And another room was made completely of marble mosaics. Our professor said that a specific mosaic/marble cutting school was founded in Florence for this chapel that was never finished and it made me think about the mosaic shop we found earlier in the semester. I wonder if its the same one…which it very well could be. In which case that would be cool. Cool cool cool.