Unexpected Entertainment

After a regular day at school, Sam asked me if I wanted to see D’Jango Unchained at 9. I said sure since I didn’t really have anything else to so that night and we met up at fake David and walked to the movie theater. Turns out that D’Jango wasn’t playing, contrary to what someone had told her. Instead, Cloud Atlas was playing. We had no idea what it was about but I had heard that it was pretty good. It was actually amazing! Really made you think throughout the whole thing. It was really neat how each actor played like 5 different roles in the same number of different story lines. You’d be watching and thinking, “is that the same actor?” And it turns out that it probably was! It was very interesting and entertaining and definitely worth my time. It’s way too complicated to even try to begin explaining, but definitely worth a watch.

Oh! And also, before the movie I went to pick up the keys to my new apartment! Laura, Josh, and I ate a speedy meal of microwave lasagna and mashed potatoes (that may have been a potato purée soup but it was potatoes and they were in mashed-ish form), and to top it all off, chicken nuggets! It was fun and yummy.