Room With A View

IMG_0091Did some planning for our trip to Morocco and Spain today! Figured out what days we will be where and what we will do in these places and even got one of the hostels booked! Morocco seems like it will be really cheap. Our hostel was only €7 each for one night! Just gotta work on transportation connections and such.

I spent the rest of the day in studio messing around with stuff. Watched some “How I Met Your Mother” worked on more trip organizing, went to Italian class, etc, etc. saw this pretty sunset from my window in studio while working on stuff. Seeing sunsets always make me happy. It’s amazing the colors that can be made naturally within the earth. Not only that, but with sunsets it’s just the refraction of light. It’s unfathomable and inexplainable…at least I can’t explain why it’s so fascinating. I guess I’m just helplessly romantic like that.

I really miss Justin too. I miss being able to see him every day and actually be with him in person and give him hugs. Air webcam kisses just don’t cut it all the time. As much as I love Europe and Italy and this amazing experience and adventure I’m taking, life just isn’t quite as beautiful without the people you love. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but I am so blessed to love my family and my relationships so much. God has given me something truly special and I thank Him immensely for all His blessings.