Mom and Auntie Bonnie are here!  We spent our first (full) day all around Florence.  It was also “Women’s Day” so ladies were wearing pretty little mimosa flowers and carrying yellow tulips.  It was really sweet.  It also got us into the Palazzo Vecchio for free!  I showed them my new apartment, Santa Croce, Palazzo Vecchio, the Loggia, Signum, the Duomo, went inside Santa Maria del Fiori, Piazza della Repubblica (sampled and bought honey and cheese), showed them the Odeon Movie Theater, Palazzo Davanzati, Palazzo Strozzi, Sant’Ambrogio (inside and out), and topped off the day with a wondrous meal at Trattoria Anita!  Molto delizioso!  I love having family around.  I also love being a tour guide!  It brings up all the things I’ve learned at school (and showing off my Italian, which has been surprisingly awesome lately!).  And after the last semester, it’s made what I learned in class much more applicable.  I love learning things like history and city legends.  I haven’t been this tired this early in a long, long time!  And I love it, believe it or not.  Family is truly the best.