Smell You Later – Alligator

No reason for the “alligator” part, just that it rhymes.

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

It would probably be the streets of Europe.  Mainly because over the past year, I got REALLY used to city smells.  Like the smell of dog pee on the road, and likewise dodging the dog poop left.  Occasionally the smell of human pee mixed with alcohol would be there, but usually only at night.  Sometimes I would walk back to school and smell someone making dinner and the scent would waft down into the streets below.  And the smell of rain cleaning the whole city.  That was perhaps the best.  Even when I would get tired of the rain, as it would rain for days on end (I even like the rain usually), I would remember that it was washing away all the excrements and their respective smells.  Also, the smell of second hand smoke being blown in your face by the person walking in front of you.  Though I hate them, if I were to smell those things again, I think I would be transported back to the streets of Florence.  There was something that they gave to the city.  It’s like they contributed something to my experience.  All things make a city or a place what it is.  The sights and smells, good or bad, all contribute to its character.


Smell (Photo credit: Dennis Wong)

The smell of vomit also brings up unpleasant memories.  There have been on two separate occasions where someone sleeping near me throws up in their bed.  Once I was outdoors and it was probably about 2 in the morning.  I just remember being cold and tired and it smelled.  We had built the thing we were sleeping on and had worked really hard to get it to the location and set it up.  The other instance was possibly a breaking point in a living situation.  Needless to say, I didn’t appreciate either one, and they both taught me important lessons in not overindulging in alcohol.

Well I didn’t think that I would have this much to say about smelly memories!  Still, it made me think about some of the things that bothered me in the past.  Though I don’t enjoy them, I realize their contribution to my memory of a place I hold dear, as well as understand how they taught me valuable life lessons.

Yorkie featured image photo credit: Mary Me 23 on Flickr