Laugh It Off

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

I think so.  People shouldn’t be so sensitive about things around them and not take things so offensively.  I think most people would live happier lives if they learned to laugh at themselves and their situation.  Granted, sometimes things need a while before they can become funny.  And that’s really just a personal judgement call.  Basic common sense will tell you that.

I know that I am not a perfect person, but when I choose to laugh at myself, it makes light of the absurdities of life.  For instance, I am REALLY bad at basic and mental math.  Ask me a percentage of something and I couldn’t tell you.  Ask me to sum two numbers that aren’t an obvious solution, I’ll take twice as long to figure it out.  But ask me to show you how to find the derivative, integral, trigonometric, or calculus function?  You bet I can!  It doesn’t make much sense but I like to joke about it.  Another example, is one time, in Italy,  my friend and I were walking to the 99 cent store and I got hit by a bike going the wrong way down the road.  My leg hurt really bad where I was hit, but the situation was hilarious!  I just got hit by a bike and didn’t even move?  My friend even said “it might be too soon, but that was hilarious!”  I also made a “special” pot.  My friend tells the story fantastically.  I could have destroyed it and been offended by how horribly I made it, or I could tell a great story.  Another time I ran into a rock barrier right in front of Shakespeare and Co. in Paris.  My knee hurt like hell and I had just made a complete fool of myself for literally bending over a rock with my camera in the swing and my Rick Steve’s book in hand.  Lesson learned: don’t read and walk!  We can choose to be offended by others and ourselves, but why waste the energy?

They are great stories to tell.  Though at the time I was embarrassed, self conscious, or hurt, laughing it off gives your life flavor.  As with political correctness, just use common sense as to when the right time is to laugh something off.  Immediately isn’t always the answer.